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chandler-garage-door-repairIf you walked into your garage today and clicked your garage door opener in your car and you heard nothing but silence, you are probably in need of professional garage door repair service in Chandler. That is exactly what we offer at AZ Garage Pros, and we promise to provide the best in customer service to all of our customers. Our goal is to provide customer service that you will not hesitate to tell your friends and family about at fair pricing that will not break your bank. Give us a call today for your free estimate right over the phone to get your garage back to working order as soon as possible.

Reviews From Chandler Customers:

I highly recommend these guys if you are having problems with your garage door. My door got totally stuck and would not move up at all. Found out it was the spring. These guys where the lowest price by far and they also happened to be the nicest as well. I would use these guys again for sure.
Levi G.

First off Sean was so nice on the phone. He made this experience very pleasant and patient. Even though having to replace my garage door opener was not what I had planned the other day, I was glad I used these guys. It was done fairly quickly and the price was reasonable.
Susan M.

  • Is Your Garage Door Opener Operating Correctly?
  • Get Your Garage Door Panels Fixed Today! LOW RATES
  • Replace Those Old Rusty Or Broken Springs.
  • We Program Garage Key Pads!

AZ Garage Pros Of Chandler – (480) 696-5163

We service all of Chandler AZ Zip Codes:

  • 85224
  • 85225
  • 85226
  • 85244
  • 85246
  • 85248
  • 85249
  • 85286

Neighborhoods in Chandler AZ:

  • Amberwood North
  • Arcadia Village
  • Arizona Reflections
  • Arrowhead Meadows
  • Arrowhead Meadows II
  • Autumn Lane
  • Cantabria Shores
  • Carino Estates
  • Carrington Place
  • Chandler Ranch
  • Chieftain Village
  • Circle G Riggs Ranch
  • Colonia Coronita
  • Cooper Corners West
  • Country Peace
  • Cove at Tiburon
  • Dobson Estates
  • Downtown Chandler Historic District
  • Galveston
  • Glenview Estates
  • Homestead
  • Hoy Homes
  • Indian Mesa East
  • Ironwood Vistas
  • Kerby Estates
  • Knoll East
  • Knoll East Unit Seven
  • La Casitas Del Sur
  • Lagos Vistoso
  • McQueen Lakes
  • Monte Vista
  • New Horizons
  • Oakwood Lakes
  • Olsen Addition
  • Orange Tree
  • Park Manor
  • Paseo Crossings
  • Pecos Vistas
  • Pepperwood
  • Pine Lake
  • Provinces Master
  • Ranchitos de Oro
  • Ranchos de Chandler
  • Ray Manor
  • Ray Ranch
  • Rio Del Verde
  • San Marcos Country
  • Shawnee Park
  • Silk Stocking
  • Silverton Ranch
  • Southmoore
  • Springfield Adult
  • Springfield Lakes
  • Stellar City Air Park
  • Sunnycrest
  • Sunridge
  • Sunset Park Manor
  • Sunshine Valley
  • Superstition Ranch
  • Symphony Estates
  • Tealstone Ray Ranch
  • Terraces at Tiburon Condo
  • Trade Winds
  • Traditions East
  • Traditions East Parcel
  • Trails End Estates
  • Tremaine Park
  • Tristan
  • Valencia
  • Villa Pallavicini
  • Warner Ranch
  • Warner Ranch IV
  • Windmills West
  • Windrose East
  • Woodglen
  • North Chandler
  • West Chandler
  • South Chandler
  • East Chandler

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The image and value of a home, a business premises, or a commercial center depends a lot on the functioning of the garage door. Home owners and property managers should take time to learn about some of the common garage door problems and how to correct them. Many people have ruined the mechanical functioning of their garage doors by looking for problems in the wrong places and attempting clumsy repairs. Here are nine of the most common problems:

A Poorly Aligned Track

trackAs often as possible, you should check out for the harmony between the track, the rollers, and the rail. Your garage door will never work properly if the track is out of alignment. Bends on the track of your garage door will always impair the movement of the door or stall it completely. Usually, the bends on the track may develop because of overuse or the weight of the door. You should also look out for any gaps between the rollers and the rail because they also indicate the quality of alignment. It makes great sense to contact experts to help you fix the problem.

Broken Torsion Springs

torsion springThe first sign that the torsion springs of your door are broken is when it fails to lift up. The torsion springs provides the tension that enables the garage opener to manage the heavy lifting. The torsion spring may be totally broken or may weaken because of long usage. The weakness of a spring can be detected through difficulties in lifting the massive door. A garage door with broken springs is hazardous to the garage users. The torsion springs should be replaced at the first sign of weaknesses.

Transmitter Batteries

transmitter batteryGarage doors require good transmitter batteries for proper functioning. Inconsistencies in the movement of the door could be a major hint that the batteries are not in good working order. When the batteries are low, the transmitter will lack the power it requires to enable its functioning. It is necessary to find out the state of the batteries at all the places within the garage before settling down with the assurance that they are all working. It is advisable to work with high quality and long-lasting batteries.

Uncontrolled Opening and Closing of the Door

half doorThe random opening and closing of the garage door may result from the malfunctioning of the transmitter. Frequency interference and the depression of the transmitter’s control mechanism are usually the main reasons behind the inadvertent movements of the door. Therefore, it is important to check the positioning of the transmitter for signs of depression or test the frequencies to find out if there is some external interference from a nearby source. If the problem is depression, then you have to remove any items or clutter around the transmitter. Problems related to frequency may require the hand of an expert.

Rapid closing of the Garage Door

rapidlyA properly functioning garage door should close with some graceful and moderate speed. It should not move excessively slowly of extremely fast with a banging finish. If you notice that your garage door closes with an irritating speed, then you should find a professional to check on the cables and the tension spring. Broken cables make it impossible to limit the speed of the door. Garage doors are designed with tension springs, which are crucial for countering the weight of the door. A broken tension spring will let the door close at a disagreeable speed.

An Immovable Door

immovable doorSometimes, your garage door may refuse to move completely even if the automatic garage door opener runs. This is one of the most common garage door problems. The first area you should look for is the track. Obstacles lodged on the track are likely to affect the functioning of your door. Secondly, poor or broken springs can immobilize the door even if every other part is in perfect functioning order. In some cases, the built-in lock may have engaged inadvertently. A professional intervention may be necessary.

Maladjusted Open and Close Limits

maladjustedAmong the common garage door problems is the maladjustment of the open and close limits. These limits are designed to interpret the distance of opening and closing, which helps to manage the movement of the door. A common symptom of the maladjustment shows when the door closes fully and reopens immediately and inadvertently. Usually, the limits misinterpret the distance in such a way that exceeds the actual range. Therefore, the end point of closure is interpreted as an obstacle. When this happens, the system engages a reverse performance, which causes the door to reopen immediately. Professional help is necessary for the adjustment of the limits to appropriate levels.

The Door doesn’t Move despite the Functioning of Automatic Garage Door Opener

openerThis problem is usually caused by the accidental unhooking of the disconnect switch. Garage doors are fixed with a disconnect switch that is meant to help in the manual opening and closing in case of a power failure. The door can fail to function when this switch is unhooked. The advisable solution is to close or open the door manually in order to reattach the switch. Under normal circumstances, the garage door should resume working with the transmitter. If the problem persists, then it is time to enlist the services of a skilled and experienced technician.

Opening and Closing with Loud Screeching Noises

loudThere is no pleasure in a door that disturbs the neighborhood with loud screeching noises. Some people think that such noises are natural and typical of every garage door. Experts will tell you that a good garage door should open without a lot of noise. In most cases, the noises are generated by debris or poor lubrication. The garage owner should make it a routine to clean the track of the door with special oil and remove any debris that often sticks at various points of the moving system. It is also important to lubricate the door in order to enhance the ease of movement. Regular maintenance of a garage door is necessary for noise elimination

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AZ Garage Pros of Chandler
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 5 reviews
by Ryan on AZ Garage Pros of Chandler
Great Job!
City: Chandler

Great job, fast and friendly service!

by Martha Smith on AZ Garage Pros of Chandler
Great Service
City: Surprise, AZ

Called because I couldn't get my garage door to close. They came out within the hour. Sean with so friendly and helpful. Will definitely call them again if I need help with my garage door.

by Louis B. on AZ Garage Pros of Chandler
City: Chandler

These guys are top notch. They show up when they say they will and do an excellent job. Will continue to use if needed.

by Tommy A. on AZ Garage Pros of Chandler
Tilted Door
City: Chandler

Late at night, door came down with one side not reaching the ground. Quick reply from them when I called. Within 1 hr, service at my house, professional, no try to up sale. Professional. Would Recommend.

by Tim Hagan on AZ Garage Pros of Chandler
City: Chandler

This guys are the real deal. I woke up and my garage door would not go up. This was super annoying as I needed to go to work. Luckily I found these guys on Google. They had so many positive reviews they were the easy choice.

It turned out the reviewers were right. They showed up in less than 30 minutes and they were done replacing the spring of my garage door in about an hour. Great Service!!

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